Our Story


We  have created this bar from a vision and with passion. We have a love for chemistry, cocktails and fun. We pride ourselves on the individuality our bar has and how we have come to this stage. We want to serve you with excitement, innovative ideas and fantastic service. Our ambition and concepts combined hope to give your senses a taste of chemistry heaven. 


Our Story

The Idea

The idea was a lightbulb moment. We were on a trip to Paris to visit Family and friends and then just like that before stepping onto the tube to visit a quirky cocktail bar ourselves we thought people might like a Chemistry cocktail bar as we realised people liked something a little more experimental these days. Like us, people were more frequently looking for something a little different and with our love for chemistry and cocktails why not combine the two. This is how it all started. The research proved fun and the ideas we had were bouncing off each other. We thought it may have been a holiday dream but when we came back we couldn’t get it out of our heads and the plan commenced. 

Our Story

Amie and Ulrich

So here we are. Ulrich studied to be a chemist and Amie worked in education. In terms of what we do here Amie decides the cocktail combination and Ulrich adds the magic chemistry element. Amie is very much the person you’ll speak to and see out and about and Ulrich really is behind the scenes doing the lab work and creating the next menu and cocktail of the week. We are a great team as Amie loves getting out and seeing what the customers want to see on offer and Ulrich listens and goes a step above with his chemistry knowledge and creates the next masterpiece.

About us

We have manged to pin these 2 down and get up close and personal and ask them a few questions about The Legendary Lab


What is your favourite Legendary Lab cocktail?

My favourite Legendary Lab cocktail is the clear to hazy=crazy one. I love the taste and feel like this is one that I can enjoy coming together as well as in flavour. It looks great when delivered to the customer and the effect is is unexpected.

What did you enjoy the most when creating The Legendary Lab?

The thing I enjoyed most was desgining the ‘Lab.’ It was great to get all my ideas I had been planning for a while coming together and forming the image that was for so long only on paper. Watching it all coming together was so exciting and I couldnt wait to open.

If you give a team chat what do you stress is important to them?

I emphasis how important working as a team is. I want everyone to feel equal within the company and like a family. I think team dynamics, passion for the job and being able to express new ideas are key to a good business and I promote all of these within the team.




So what is your favourite cocktail on offer? 

My favourite cocktail is the Magic Extinguisher. I love the excitement of it every time I see it and the taste is right up my street.

What did you enjoy the most when creating The Legendary Lab?

The best part of creating The Legendary Lab was the research. Trying the experiments at home and then assigning them to a cocktail taste. Since finding the premises and starting physically I have enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing what they think of it. People have a real interest in independent business’ and its great to inspire others to go for their dream.

Where did the name come from?

The name was a big decision and we had our heart set on something for ages but the name wasn’t accepted so we came to this. We knew we wanted the word Lab in it and being an English teacher I wanted an alliteration! The Legendary Lab was born.

What is your team moto?

Our team moto is more of our believe in working with us, have passion, work hard and enjoy every moment. We beleive hard word achieves real rewards.

Our team moto is more of our belifs in working with us, have passion, work hard and enjoy every moment. We beleive hard word acheives real rewards.