Our main cocktail menu is divided into 2 parts. The classic cocktails and our signature cocktails. All our drinks are served in Chemistry glassware and our signature cocktails come with an additional effect. So be prepared for bubbling, smoking, colour changing, syringes and sparkles.


The Legendary Lab Signature Cocktails


The Legendary Lab signature cocktails.
Expect smoke, bubbles, syringes and sparkles.

The Cloud- Crème de mangue, aguacana cahaca, strawberry juice, mint leaves and lime
High on Helium- Vodka, ginger ale, vanilla syrup and lemon juice

The launch- Set up ready for you to make it Tequila, rose wine, pineapple juice, hibiscus syrup and a slice of lime!

Clear-hazy=crazy! – DIY!! Vodka, Ricard, lime and soda! Be prepared to be a chemist!

Cloudy to sea-Vodka, Choice of flavoured syrup, lemonade and lime served over candy floss

The Godfather of all Triangles-Whisky and Amaretto but not as you expect

Fizzy fun- Rum, lime and sugar cane syrup

French Press- usually known as the Espresso Martini

The Lava Lamp- Vodka, Prosecco, Cranberry juice and cranberries

Gold Champagne- 22carat Gold sparkling, in more ways than one, Champagne

The Smokey Dome-Vodka, Coffee liquor, milk

The Magic Extinguisher-Peach schnapps, Vodka, blue curacao over proof white rum, milk and a pinch of salt



The Legendary Lab Classic Cocktails


Mojito-The tradition Cuban cocktail. White rum, sugar, lime, soda and crushed mint

Caipirinha-the famous Brazilian national cocktail. Cachaça, sugar and lime

Cosmopolitan-can’t go wrong with a cosmo. Vodka, triple sec, cranberry and orange juice

Gin fizz-The uncomplicated but never lets you down. Gin, elderflower liquor, lemon and soda

Long island iced tea-equal measures of gin, vodka, triple sec, rum and tequila splashed with coke to finish

Mai Tai-Tropical fruity cocktail with white rum, dark rum, orange curacao, orgeat syrup and lime

Margarita-get the party started! Tequila, Cointreau and lime.

Negroni-a popular Italian cocktail. Gin, vermouth rosso, Campari and orange peel.

Old Fashioned-bourbon on ice, bitters, sugar with a twist of orange

Paradise-traditionally a pre-dinner drink. Gin, apricot brandy and orange juice.

Pina Colada-a sweet treat or rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice.

 Pink Gin- mix this favourite with lemonade, soda or fever tree tonic.

Screwdriver- as traditional as it comes, vodka and orange.

Sex on the beach-forever a favourite. Vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry and orange juice.

Tequila Sunrise-bold and refreshing. Tequila, orange juice and grenadine.



The Legendary Lab Mocktails

Although the following contain no alcohol all come with an effect….be ready for smoking, foaming, colour changing and edible straws

A foamy fizz- Ginger syrup, apple, sparkling water, a sprig of mint topped with cream

Virgin Martini-served the same way as our espresso martini but minus the alcohol

Light me up Lemongrass-Lemonade, Sparkling water and Lemongrass

Disappearing raspberry ripple-Raspberry syrup, lime, cranberry juice topped up with ginger beer

This is smokin’ – Orange juice, a splash of peach finished with soda

Fruit pastille-Grenadine, lemonade topped with an extra colour because…well, why not!

Edible Strawberry drop-Strawberry, soda, a wedge of orange topped with mint leaf and a fancy straw to finish it with